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Welcome to Leominster Youth Soccer

This web site is your source of information for everything related to youth soccer in Leominster, Massachusetts.


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For questions about refunds please see the LYS refund policy at http://Leominsteryouthsoccer.org/Page.asp?n=128225&org=Leominsteryouthsoccer.org


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Zero Tolerance
This is a reminder to all participants in our programs in the league...
Travel evaluations
CAS Summer Soccer Camp
LYS premises and fields rules
Hello Leominster Youth Soccer Families!   A reminder of...
Leominster Youth Soccer is working on a solution to provide information...
Zero Tolerance
This is a reminder to all participants in our programs in the league that we have A ZERO TOLERANCE for disrespectful actions towards out referees, board members, participants and opposing teams players and participants. We are not going to tolerate any type of disrespect in our league, Leominster Youth Soccer Association. If you break that zero tolerance rule you will be banned from our fields and the league . You won't be able to return our participate in our program. NO EXCEPTIONS Hugo Sanchez President of Leominster Youth soccer
by posted 06/03/2023
Travel evaluations




JUNE 13th - 14th, 2023

The schedule for player evaluations for the upcoming season has been set. Please refer to the following post for more information.

1) What are player evaluations and why do we do them:

First and foremost, it's essential to understand that these evaluations are not tryouts. We request that players entering 3rd to 8th grade for the upcoming school year (starting in the fall of 2023) attend these evaluations. Alongside coaches' assessments, these evaluations serve as a vital tool for our league to place players on teams effectively. We aim to ensure that each player is placed on a team that aligns closely with their skill level. We want to avoid situations where players feel overmatched on higher-level teams or unchallenged on lower-level teams.

2) How do player evaluations work:

Here's how the player evaluations will work: Players should check in at our registration desk at Samoset and receive a numbered penny. Evaluators will organize small-sided games on the field. As the kids play against each other, our evaluators will assess their skill levels relative to players in their age group (either 3rd and 4th graders, 5th and 6th graders, or 7th and 8th graders). To ensure fair evaluations, we will rotate the players among different fields so that each participant competes against numerous other players.

3) Should I come to evaluations if I am unsure my child will play Fall 2023 or Spring 2024:

Absolutely! Even if you're unsure about playing in the fall or spring, we encourage you to attend the evaluations. We will keep your player's evaluation on record, and it can be used for team placement in either the fall of 2023 or the spring 2024. Please note that we do not offer make-up sessions, so attending the evaluations will ensure your player's assessment is available for future team placement considerations.

4) What to bring to evaluations:

A soccer ball (3rd to 6th graders - size 4 soccer ball | 7th and 8th graders - size 5 soccer ball)
Shin guards
Sufficient water
Bug spray
Suntan lotion

5) Schedule for the evaluations (at Samoset soccer fields):

-3rd and 4th graders: Tuesday, June 13th - Registration opens at 4:30 PM, evaluations start at 5:00 PM and conclude at 6:30 PM.

- 5th and 6th graders: Wednesday, June 14th - Registration opens at 4:30 PM, evaluations start at 5:00 PM, and conclude at 6:15 PM.

- 7th and 8th graders: Wednesday, June 14th - Registration opens at 6:00 PM, evaluations start at 6:30 PM, and conclude at 7:45 PM.


*** Please come for the grade you are ENTERING in the Fall. ***

i.e. CURRENT 2nd graders come for the 3rd grade session as they are ENTERING the 3rd grade in Fall 2023.

6) Parents / Spectators Roles in Evaluations:

We kindly request that all parents/spectators remain at the top of the hill near the concession area for several important reasons. Firstly, we want the players to be able to fully concentrate on the instructions provided by the evaluators. Having spectators walking around the small-sided games can distract the participants. Secondly, we aim to discourage any form of "coaching from the sidelines." Maintaining a designated area for parents can ensure a fair and unbiased evaluation process. Your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines will greatly contribute to the smooth running of the evaluations. Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you for your attention, and we look forward to seeing your child at the evaluations.

Best regards,

by posted 05/30/2023
CAS Summer Soccer Camp

CAS soccer camp flyer

by posted 05/16/2023
LYS premises and fields rules

Hello Leominster Youth Soccer Families!


A reminder of rules at the fields: 









LYS has ZERO tolerance for disrespect against the referees, boards members, coaches, or other volunteers so please be respectful. 

by posted 04/29/2023

Photos of Google translate website

Leominster Youth Soccer is working on a solution to provide information on our website in multiple languages.   Until we have a permanent solution, we ask that you please use Google Translate to assist in viewing information in your preferred language. 

  1. To start, visit http://translate.google.com
  2. At the top click Websites.
  3. Pick “detect language” for the original language, and then the language to be translated into.
  4. In the “website” box enter “leominsteryouthsoccer.org”, then hit the blue arrow. 

This should bring you to a translated version of the LYS website.


Leominster Youth Soccer está trabajando en una solución para proporcionar información en nuestro sitio web en varios idiomas. Hasta que tengamos una solución permanente, le pedimos que utilice “Google Translate” para ayudar a ver la información en su idioma preferido.

1. Para comenzar, visite http://translate.google.com.

2. En la parte superior, haga clic “Websites”.

3. Elija "detect language" para el idioma original y luego el idioma al que se traducirá.

4. En el cuadro "website", vaya a "leominsteryouthsoccer.org", luego presione la flecha azul.

Esto debería llevarlo a una versión traducida del sitio web de LYS.


O Leominster Youth Soccer está trabalhando em uma solução para fornecer informações em nosso site em vários idiomas. Até que tenhamos uma solução permanente, pedimos que você use o “Google Traslate” para auxiliar na visualização de informações em seu idioma preferido.

1. Para começar, visite http://translate.google.com.

2. Na parte superior, clique “Websites”.

3. Escolha “detect language” para o idioma original e, em seguida, o idioma para o qual será traduzido.

4. Na caixa “website” digite “leominsteryouthsoccer.org” e clique na seta azul.

Isso deve levá-lo a uma versão traduzida do site LYS.

by posted 11/20/2022
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