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Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions about the In Town Program

Moving up from the in-town program to Travel


Each year there are many questions that arise as players and parents look forward to moving from the Leominster In-town program to the travel program of Leominster Youth Soccer  participating in the  Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer League. The questions below are the most common ones. The Leominster In-town program is for players younger than 8 years old. The Leominster-NVYSL travel program is for players between 9 and 18 years of age
1.    Do the boys and girls still play together? No, the girls and boys have separate teams.

2.    How many teams are there? The number of Leominster teams varies depending on the number of registered players per age group. Typically, Leominster fields 2 to 4 teams in each age group.

3.    How many games are there? There are 8 games. Four at home and 4 away.

4.    What towns do we play? There are over 20 towns in the NVYSL from the surrounding area. Some of these towns are – Ayer/Shirley, Littleton, Fitchburg, Gardner, Bolton, Oakmont, Stow, etc.  you can find out more about the league at www.nvysl.org

5.    Can I car pool to the away games? Yes, typically teams meet at a designated spot and travel together. It’s not unusual to see parents work together to share rides.

6.    When are the practices? There are typically 2 weekday practices each week.

7.    When are the games? U10(3rd/4th), U12(5th/6th) and U14(7th/8th) games are on Saturday. U16 and U18 are typically Sunday.
                       U10(3rd/4th) girls   9am
                       U10(3rd/4th) boys 10:15am
                       U12(5th/6th) girls 11:30am
                       U12(5th/6th) boys 1pm
                       U14(7th/8th) girls 2:30pm
                       U14(7th/8th) boys 4pm

8.    Where are the Leominster home games? Games are primarily played at Samoset fields.

9.    My child has not played before. Will he/she have fun with no previous experience? Absolutely, new players are always welcome. Leominster fields multiple teams from recreational level to highly competitive levels and players will be placed appropriately. Not only will the player be placed on the correct team but that team will be playing teams of similar ability throughout the year.

10.    How many players are on the field in the game? U10 (3rd/4th) games are 7 v 7, U12(5th/6th) are 9 v 9 and U14(7th/8th) and up are 11 v 11.  This progression allows players to maximize their learning and enjoyment as they progress in age.

11.    How do I register? You may register your child by selecting the Register Online option on the Home drop down menu. 

12.    My child is 11 years old and will be 12 on August 15th. Will they play in the U12 or U10 age group? Playing age is determined by the grade of the player.

13.    What are player evaluations (try-outs) and can I be cut? All registered players will be playing Leominster soccer. The player evaluations sessions allow for players to be grouped by similar abilities and placed in the appropriate teams.

14.    We can’t make it to the evaluations, can we still register? Participating on the evaluations is not required but strongly encouraged to ensure proper team placement.

15.    What if I have some additional questions? Check out the NVYSL website at www.nvysl.org  Feel free to ask questions during player evaluations at the registration table or contact the player directors listed in the Contacts section.