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In Town Coach Responsibilities

Before the Season

Division 1 and 2 Coaches

  • Required to have a minimum of the MYSA "G" License by September 1, 2011

Division 3 and 4 Coaches

  • LYS recommends having a minimum of the MYSA "G" License

The MYSA G course is an online course that takes about 2 hours to complete.  LYS will reimburse any coach that takes and passes any MYSA license course.


During the Season

Bring the following items to each game:

  • A copy of your complete roster and contact information pages
  • Game ball (home team)  


Before the first game of the day, coaches should:

Set up the field for play.  Set up goals, flags (Divisions 1 and 2) and cones where appropriate.

After the last game of the day, coaches should:

  •  Sign the referee payment card (Divisions 1 and 2 only).


  •  Return all cones and flags to the equipment room


  •  Return goals to the garage (Division 4 only).


  •  Complete an In Town Referee Evaluation

Knowledge of Rules:

Each coach is expected to know the rules of the game and any special rules governing play in the NVYSL as outlined in the NVYSL Bylaws.  In town teams follow the rules governing u10, 6v6 travel games with a few differences.  These differences are outlined in the In Town Rules.


Responsibility for actions of players, parents and fans, as well as you, the coach:

As coach, while you may disagree with a referee call (or lack thereof), such disagreement should not be demonstrated visibly in such a manner as to incite players, parents and fans to "get on" the referee. In addition, in cases where your players, players’ parents and fans are becoming overly vocal and abusive of the referee, you should take steps to bring them under control. Failure to do so makes you subject to receipt of a yellow or red card.

If you have a serious disagreement with a referee, keep quiet during the game, then please fill out a REFEREE REPORT after the game and mail it to the League.

Suggestion: If you think the referee did a good job, let him/her know it at the end of the game.

Coaches must insist on good sportsmanship at all times. The League encourages teams to shake hands after all games. Coaches should participate and work to eliminate unsportsmanlike actions by players which too often take place at this "ceremony".