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The Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) Board of Directors approved the implementation of Codes of Conduct for Coaches, Parents, Players and Referees and a Zero Tolerance Policy by unanimous consent.   MYSA has required all member organizations adopt the Codes of Conduct and Zero Tolerance Policies and that the same be effective as of February 1, 2023.


Codes of Conduct are located on the Safe Soccer section of the MYSA website found here


Links to the individual Codes of Conduct and Policies are below: 


Zero Tolerance Policy 

Player's Code of Conduct 

Coach's Code of Conduct 

Parent's / Guardian's / Spectator's Code of Conduct 

Soccer Official's Code of Conduct 


If there is a conflict with any information provided on this page and that provided on the MYSA website, the information on the MYSA website will control as MYSA is the entity who has prepared, and may amend the codes and policies at a future date.